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Jubilee Mission Medical College & Research Institute

Jubillee Mission P.O., East Fort, Thrissur, Kerala - 680005

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Lovingly nick-named by the people, "POOR MAN’S HOSPITAL”, the Jubilee Mission has a specific mission evident in the motto, “Service with love”. Instead of taking ‘extra charges’ from the patients, we take ‘extra care’ to see that the poor patients, irrespective of cast and creed are given special consideration and concessions. We spare competition to share competence and JUBILEE MISSION is an all-human’s heaven.

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Special services
Snake Bite Treatment.
We attend five snake bite patients a day, on the average. Victims of snake bite belong mostly to the Working class & most of them are not in a financial position to meet the expenses involved to save their near & dear ones. Since jubilee Mission Medical College (JMMC) has taken the cause of saving these patients as a mission, our doors are open to them round the clock.

ICU For burn Treatment.
The evolution of this section is also in similar lines as that of snake bite treatment. This is the only one of its type in the state. Specially equipped ICU with 22 beds, special operation theatre takes care of the patients who have to be here for several weeks, if not months. Not to speak of the expenses involved and concession given.

Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Treatment.
These two conditions negatively affect the very core of one’s personality, the physical & psychological trauma involved, is beyond explanation. This department is an internationally accepted center of excellence, which is very often visited by Plastic Surgeons from all over the globe. The credit of origin & existence goes to Dr. H.S. Adenwala who has successfully corrected about 16,000 such patients - a world record. Since the management has given top priority to alleviate the agony of this category of patients, the procedure is FREE OF COSTwhich attracts poor people, not only from Kerala, but also from other parts of India.


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