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Karuvannur Service Co-Op Bank Ltd No.112

HO. 1st floor, Karuvannur bank Bldg,Karuvannur, Thrissur, Kerala - 680711

0480 2888987, 2886884, 2885358,2822892,2825201,2885534

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Karuvannur Bank is here to satisfy the financial needs of society and compile its focus more on agriculture development. With the 92 years of tradition, 5 Branches and 1 Ext. counter and other Non Banking Services, we offer you initiatives which effectively uplift the communities. We are responsible player and believe in action better than words.

Banking Services

Deposit, Loans, Group Deposit Credit Scheme.

 Non Banking Services

Supermarkets, Neethi Medical Stores, RUBCO, Oruma Paper Products, Agro Service Centre, Self Help Group, Etc..

Highlights of Karuvannur Bank

Class 1 super grade bank, Leading bank in pacs at state level, 93 years of tradition, Sunday & Evening branches, All India Topper of RUBCO agency for Continuous 3 years, RTGS/NEFT facility, Continuous profit and dividend to members, Locker facility, 304 crores of deposit, 287 crores of loan, Overdue 1%, Non banking services, Extra benefit for senior citizens



Working Hours

10 am to 5 pm

Payment Modes

Cash, DD, Cheque

Our Branches

Address Email Phone

Main Branch Karuvannur

0480 2885358

Mapranam Karuvannur

0480 2822892


0480 2825201


0480 2885534


0480 2830140

Civil Station Extension Counter

0480 2821908

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